Why We Are The Best ?

Help Support Me provides business IT support and consulting to a wide range of customers across NSW. Our IT consulting team can provide you with reliable and cost effective solutions tailored to your business.

Within your Business you require technology to 'just work'. This is exactly what Help Support Me aims to deliver, quality service at low prices in a language you can understand. All of our engineers have extensive industry experience and can demonstrate a wide range of technical skill sets.

Help Support Me has partnerships and certifications with many industry leading vendors including Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, Symantec, VMware, Storage Craft and Trend Micro, just to name a few. However, we remain vendor neutral when designing a solution for your business. We want to provide you with the solution that best suits your situation and budget.


  •   Business Solutions Specialists
  •   Best practice IT system design, maintenance and implementation
  •   Integrated onsite and remote support services management
  •   Service level agreements and contracts to suit your budget
  •   Expertise in the latest technology
  •   Dedicated primary consultant for onsite services
  •   Fast onsite response time in urban locations
  •   24/7 System monitoring
  •   Custom IT support packages to meet your requirements

Help Support Me focuses on delivering a bespoke solution that can be adapted to meet your business requirements. If our standard support packages are not appropriate for your situation we are more than happy to develop a IT service plan just for you.


We provide advanced and professional IT solutions assisting Australian organisations. We are dedicated to helping you adopt the right technologies to improve your operations.

Business IT Support

Help Support Me provides efficient, fast, and friendly IT support for desktops, servers, networking devices and applications. If you depend on your IT infrastructure for your business then you know how important it is to ensure its running at peak perforamnce.

Cloud Services

A cloud solution is essentially the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service, rather than utilising your own fixed infrastructure. Cloud Services essentially allow you to increase capacity or add capabilities to your business without requiring new infrastructure, training new employees or licensing new software.

IT Consulting

Help Suport Me provides a large number of small to medium sized business clients in the Sydney CBD and wider metropolitan area with IT consulting services on an ongoing basis. It takes a depth of knowledge and expertise to make the correct infrastructure decisions.

Why Outsource ?

Help Support Me are always looking for ways to save money without cutting corners, especially in business. Here are 5 reasons you may want to consider outsourcing your IT Support or even using outsourced IT services to compliment your existing IT department.

  • Cut Costs at the Bottom Line - By outsourcing your IT support department you can save in the following areas: salary, insurance, paid leave, sick time, and taxes per employee.

  • Buying Unlimited Support Really Does Save - If you’re on our Managed service plan then you get unlimited remote support. With unlimited IT support you keep a stable budget every month.

  • Benefit from Expanded Knowledge Base - Having Help Support Me handle your IT support department brings a wealth of knowledge from many different backgrounds. We handle IT support services for business, and bring all our experience at no extra cost to you.

  • Remote Support Technology Cuts Time and Expense - If your laptop starts acting up when you are not at the office, your local onsite tech cannot help you. Using remote technology, our IT experts can log into their system from our Network Operations Center and help your employee on the road. Not only can we remotely access customer computers, we also connect to tablets and smartphones too!

  • After-Hours Accessibility - When your business closes for the day, does your technology? What happens when something happens after hours? Do you call your employee? What if they cannot make it? Outsourcing to Help Support Me offers a solution to this problem.

Supplement Your Existing IT

Perhaps you have close relationship with your internal IT support, or maybe they configured your infrastructure from the ground up and letting go of them is not an option? If that person is spread too thin, we can help.

Let us take the tier 1 and 2 issues to help your staff focus on that important job that you have them on. Call us today on (02) 8381 0000 to find out how we can help to secure and maintain your systems, and save you time and money.

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